Mister Beever's Paws & Claws

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Sen Beever- Owner- Vet Tech- Dog/Human Trainer & All Around Professional Animal Lover

Mister Beever grew up in Kansas on a horse farm surrounded by a myriad of animals. He has been a Vet Tech for over 20 years and an Animal Trainer, even longer. He is continuously learning and adapting new ways to make animal's lives better. Mister Beever is a Do No Harm Animal Trainer. No prong, choke, shock or painful methods used. Instead he uses his wealth of veterinary knowledge and science based training methods. He spent his 20's & 30's rotating in and out of Board Certified Veterinary Specialties. Dermatology, Internal Medicine, Diagnostic Imaging, Oncology, Ophthalmology and Cardiology to name a few.

He's managed multiple veterinary practices in his long career. 

His favorite things are repairing you and your dogs relationship, teaching, surgery & emergency triage. 

When he's not working he spends his time at continuing educations and traveling around CA and the world with his dogs Moxie, Sophie, Bella & amazing partner Alex.