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We offer a pop up nail trim, ear cleaning/plucking & anal gland expression clinic once a month at our very favorite veterinary practice Grand Lake Veterinary Hospital. Each service is $55. For an appointment go to

If you have any issues booking an appointment or the appointments appear full please email and we will assist you.


We provide services for cats, dogs, horses, people and exotic animals!

Check out our other services below!

Behavior/Training & Dog Walking/Boarding Services Include: 

Behavior Solutions Assessment- $375

Behavior Issues such as dog on dog aggression, lunging, leash reactivity, barking, growling, biting, fear or anxiety. 

60 minute assessment. 

Puppy Assessment- $375

Integrating your new puppy into the family, potty training, socialization, basic commands, veterinary referral and diet consultation. 60-75 minute assessment.

Additional Trainings- 60 minutes $275*

*rates may vary due to the needs of the animal/owner

Board & Train- Rates vary pending assessment of animal $350 and up

Phone/Video Consultation- 60 minutes $375

First Time Pet Owner Consultation 75 min- $375 

  • Off Leash K9 Group Outing 60-90min- $55 Per Outing Minimum 3 Days A Week required for safety of the pack ***Currently Full***
  • Email to be added onto the waitlist
  • Private One-on-One Dog Walks 20-30 min- $55
  • Day Boarding 9am-1pm $120
  • Boarding- $250 

Medical & Mobile Services Include:

  • Anal Gland Expression- $45
  • Dog Nail Trim- $60 and up
  • Cat Nail Trim- $45 and up
  • Soft Paws Application- $60
  • Subcutaneous Fluids- $55
  • Insulin Injections- $45
  • PEMF Treatment

    - $175-$275

  • Large Farm Animal Care
  • Horse Wise Education- Child/Adult
  • Horse Care- All Aspects
  • Horse Massage- $125
  • Education & Business Consulting Services

Rate not posted? An assessment of your animal's temperament and/or need is required.

Don't want to stress out your pet(s)?

All services can be mobile and provided in the comfort of your home.

Mister Beever's Paw & Claws is bonded, licensed, background checked and insured for your protection and ours, through Pet Sitters International (PSI). Proud LGBTQI owned business.

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